About St. Lucia

Her Beauty

Without a doubt, St. Lucia is one of the most beautiful and most traveled islands in the Caribbean. Because of its beauty and charm, she has been given more nick names to describe her beauty than any other island in the Caribbean. Names such as Crown Jewels of the Antilles, Helen of the West Indies, Paradise Island, and God’s Country to name a few. St. Lucia is a tropical mountainous island with unsurpassed beauty.

All the ingredients to a splendid vacation await you on this 238 square miles of pure pleasure island. One of the Caribbean’s most stunning combinations of palm lined beaches, sparkling blue waters, and natural tropical scenery. St. Lucia is a wonder waiting to be discovered. With its part English, part French, and exotically West Indian flavor, the island offers a rich tradition of Creole cuisine and good humored people.


Annual temperature on the island ranges between 65F and 95F depending on the time of the year with the coolest months being the US winter months and warmest being the US summer months. The rainy season starts in June and normally ends in November. During that period, the sun comes out frequently and even during a heavy shower.

Brief History

During the 17th and 18th centuries, St. Lucia changed hands fourteen times between the French and the British - finally to become a British subject after the last battle in 1814. The island acquired full independence from the British in 1979. As a result of the back and forth battles between the French and British, St. Lucia was deeply influenced by the French and many places on the island bear a French name. The island form of government is a parliamentary democracy.


The St. Lucia currency is the Eastern Caribbean Currency simply known as EC. The most widely used foreign currencies on the island are US, CDN, EURO, and GBP. One US dollar is equivalent to EC$2.67.

Voltage Used

The voltage used on the island is 220/240V 50cycles. Guests with 110/120V appliance are encouraged to carry a converter with them though most establishments may have dual voltages. The 220V plugs used in St. Lucia are similar to those used in the UK.